New Link

I added a new link to my Worth A Look section: Alice C. Linsley’s Just Genesis. Alice is a convert to Orthodoxy (her Orthodox name is Jandy, “the Arabic name of the little Hermitess Photini,” her patron).

Just Genesis is Alice’s online exploration of the book of Genesis and is well worth a look.

Welcome Jandy!

In Christ,

+Fr Gregory

P.S., Owning to pastoral obligations, I have not had a chance to write since Friday–God willing I will catch up tomorrow.



2 Responses to “New Link”

  1. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    Thank you, Father Gregory. Some of your readers may be interested in the 3 essays on the priesthood at Just Genesis. There are also essays on St. Chrysostom’s understanding of Lamech (Gen. 4)and St. Ephrem the Syrian’s approach to Genesis.

    I have bookmarked your blog!

  2. Fr. Gregory Jensen Says:

    Thanks for the link! I look forward to reading your essays.


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